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Commercial Law

  • Sales and Purchase of Business

  • Sales and Purchase of Franchise

  • Transfer and renewal of Commercial Lease Agreement

​Liquor Licensing

  • Application of liquor licensing

  • Renewal of liquor licensing

  • Transfer or termination of liquor licensing

Will and Estate Law

  • Prepare a Will for single or spouse

  • Probate application

  • Administration application

  • Power of Attorney documentation

  • Enduring Power of Attorney documentation

  • Family Trust​

Mortgage Law

  • Refinance your existing property

  • Settle your existing mortgage with your bank with full payment

Immigration Law

  • ​Visa Application

  • Visa Refusal Review

  • Migration Refusal Division or MRD, formerly known as MRT

Property Law / Conveyancing

​We can assist you in understanding your legal rights and the legal procedures involve in buying either your first home, residential property or completing a commercial property transaction.

We are able to provide a cost-effective and quality legal service in your conveyancing transaction.

We can help with the following conveyancing transactions:

  • Sale and purchase of residential or commercial property;

  • Commercial leases;

  • Residential tenancies; or

  • Assignment of Lease.

Conveyancing can involve these steps:

  • examining the contract for sale

  • arranging building and pest inspections

  • examining a strata inspection report (if the property is in a strata scheme)

  • arranging finance if necessary

  • exchanging the contract of sale

  • paying the deposit

  • arranging payment of stamp duties

  • preparing and examining the mortgage agreement

  • checking if there are outstanding arrears or land tax obligations

  • finding out if any government authority (eg. local council, Sydney Water, NSW Roads and Maritime Services) has a vested interest in the land or if any planned development could affect the property

  • finding out any information that may not have been previously disclosed such as a fence dispute or illegal building work

  • calculating adjustments for council and water rates for the property settlement

  • overseeing the change of title with Land and Property Information NSW

  • completing any final checks prior to settlement

  • Attending settlement.